Should You Look For an Animal Hospital in Johns Creek or a Clinic?

When terms like hospital are used, it’s easy to automatically think of emergency care. However, in the animal world, a Vet Hospital in Johns Creek could just mean a well equipped veterinarians’ office. Or it could mean a really large vet clinic. It truly could mean a lot of things. In fact, when it comes to veterinary medicine, the difference between the two is quite blurred and used interchangeably sometimes. Clinics tend to be expanding the types of care and services offered, often mirroring the hospitals. So, what are the differences between a vet hospital and a vet clinic or office?


The easiest way to differentiate a clinic from a hospital is to take a look at the size of the building or buildings. It’s true that hospitals tend to have more square footage, but this can be attributed to them providing more services. Basically, animal hospitals are classified full-service providers because they have more in-house capabilities, services and options. Additionally, they have more spots to house sick or injured animals after hours and overnight.


As a general rule, clinics host part-service facilities, offering similar care to hospitals, just not on the same scales that hospital do. Their focus is on preventative care such as vaccinations. And while hospitals such can do this too, it’s rarely their focus. Clinics can usually make a diagnosis, but do not have all the machines needed for the diagnostic procedures, and must therefore either send out samples to labs or refer their patients to other hospitals. And this works fine if the patient is not considered an emergency, can be harmful if it’s a time-sensitive matter.


An increasing number of animal hospitals now offer boarding for their clients, a service much needed in today’s society. Clients often feel better about leaving their cat or dog in a facility where a vet is close by in case of an accident or illness.

This local hospital offers all the facilities you need with a personal touch to ease your mind.

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