Protection Against Power Outages with Partial or Whole House Generators in Southold, NY

by | Jul 7, 2014 | Air Cooling & Heating

During those months when temperatures are most extreme, you depend on your heating and air conditioning systems more than ever to keep your home comfortable. You also rely on them to keep your family safe from illnesses brought about by exposure to heat and cold. Unfortunately, these are also the times when the systems are most likely to fail.

Few areas of the United States are spared from the effects of harsh weather conditions. When temperatures rise and humidity builds, severe storms are often the result. Tornadoes are spawned and hurricanes drift into coastal areas, causing widespread power outages. Winter brings heavy snow storms and ice accumulation on power lines, which are equally responsible for electrical failure. In situations such as these, no amount of routine maintenance could ensure your HVAC system remains up and running; in fact, no system in your home is invulnerable.

If you are among the millions of people living in areas prone to these types of hazards, a backup generator would be a suitable precaution against the perils of nature. If you choose to tie only a portion of your home into a generator, you must decide which areas are most vital to your family. Most choose the kitchen because this is the area where families tend to spend most of their time.

As long as the kitchen is functional, you can keep your food and beverages fresh, and you have access to hot meals. If absolutely necessary, you could close your kitchen off and use your electric oven as a source of heat. Water can be heated and sanitized on the stove if needed. For many families, being confined to the kitchen is both uncomfortable and impractical. If you feel this is true of your family’s needs, you may want to consider Whole House Generators Southold NY. You need to go

A whole house generator would effectively lift the constraints brought about by only partial power during an emergency. Your family could continue to enjoy the same comfort and convenience as before you were affected by a power outage. Professional technicians from a company such as Flanders Heating & Air Conditioning can design your generator system to automatically take over once your primary power fails, or you can choose the option of manually engaging the generator. Either alternative provides protection against almost any scenario Mother Nature sends your way.

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