3 Furnace Facts

3 Furnace Facts

The furnace is the most common heating system installed in homes across the United States. This means that there is probably one in your home. When the weather that requires its services rolls around, it is important the furnace operates as intended. Proper maintenance before and after its use, therefore, is a must, and furnace professionals in Dupage County are ready to offer their services.

Here are three furnace facts to consider.


Furnaces were invented by the Romans around 1200 B.C. They were used as a central heating system, but were left behind when the Roman Empire fell and furnaces were replaced with fireplaces. Furnaces made a comeback with industrialization and are commonly used in fields including metallurgy.

The word furnace stems from the Latin word fornax, which means oven. So its oven-like features are appreciated and maximized when larges spaces must be heated.

American Homes

In American homes, as previously mentioned, the most common heating system is a furnace. Thanks to its central heating capabilities, it easily heats up a home. The system is set up so that it can heat through walls, the ceiling and floor ducts. Gas furnaces are the most common thanks to their energy efficiency, but oil and electric furnaces are available, too.


Installing a furnace is a more difficult task than picking one out. Since the furnace has a variety of components that help the heat move throughout a home, it must be installed correctly. You are advised to hire the services of professionals so the job can be completed correctly the first time. Often, the work is guaranteed with a warranty. If anything, therefore, does not function as expected, it can be re-examined.

For furnace maintenance in Dupage County, inspections or installation, contact Blue Frost Heating & Cooling for more information and appointment.

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