Keep Your Home Dry Using Roofing Companies in Tulsa Oklahoma

by | Jul 7, 2014 | Roofing

Sometimes, it seems like there is always something going wrong around your home. You fix a plumbing problem only to find you now have an electrical failure to deal with. If the home isn’t new then these little difficulties can be much more frequent. One of the worst problems that a home can develop is a leaking roof. These leaks can occur when the roof covering has aged, a seal around the vents has dried out or the roof has suffered damage from a storm or high winds. Fixing these problems usually requires the experience of expert Roofing Companies in Tulsa Oklahoma.

The roof on most homes consists of supporting joists and rafters that provide its basic structure. These are then topped with a sheathing material which is usually plywood or wafer board. The main purpose of the sheathing is to provide a stable surface for the final covering. After the sheathing comes a layer of roofing felt, sometimes known as tar paper. This product provides an extra barrier against moisture and helps to keep the bulk of the roof dry. The final layer of the roof is the shingles or other waterproof covering. In most cases the shingle is an asphalt based product that is lain in an overlapping method. The roofer starts at the edge of the roof and works towards the top. The final piece is a cap the goes over the crown of the roof and prevents water from running under the shingles.

There are other roofing materials besides asphalt. For example, there are clay shingles that are often used in Mediterranean styled buildings and wood shake shingles used in the old Colonial style architecture. However, there are modern alternatives as well. The most popular of these are a lightweight, steel roof covering that can take the place of almost any roofing material. This particular product uses a zinc galvanizing for extra protection and can protect your roof for at least fifty years. It is an excellent replacement option, but it is also useful as a cover over existing shingles. The latter option allows you to protect the home with an extra layer of roofing. If you are searching for Roofing Companies in Tulsa Oklahoma then Click here for more information.

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