Managing Costs for Heating Oil in Branford

Managing Costs for Heating Oil in Branford

The price of heating oil in Branford fluctuates often, making it difficult for some customers to manage the costs of heating oil each winter. Another barrier to budgeting is the unpredictability of the Northeast’s weather. Cold nights can begin as early as September and remain until April. There may be a few weeks when the temperature is below zero. Keeping warm and preventing pipes from freezing in those conditions requires more oil to heat the home or business. Since pricing and conditions can be volatile, most oil companies offer different plans to customers to make heating more affordable.

A pre-paid plan is ideal for those who can afford to purchase heating oil in Branford all at one time. The advantage is locking in one price per gallon for the entire season. The cost is not effected by fluctuations. Customers purchase a specific number of heating oil gallons and pay for it at the beginning of the season. They do not have to think about it again until the following year. A budget cap plan allows customers to pay for their heating oil over a twelve month period. Equal monthly payments make it much easier to budget for that expense. The plan includes price protection in the form of a maximum price per gallon. The number of gallons estimated are based on past usage, and the price is capped at an agreed-upon level.

There are also two plans based on the daily market price per gallon of heating oil. These plans allow customers to benefit from lower pricing when possible. They are also subject to market spikes in pricing as well, so there are some risks with the plans. One plan still allows customers to pay for their oil over a twelve month period, there is just no price protection feature. If pricing remains low, costs are less expensive. A higher market price increases the total cost, which may mean some months will cost more than others in terms of payment. The price of the day plan means customers pay the current market price per gallon when they order a heating oil delivery. Payment in full is due within fifteen days of the delivery.

Customers can go to for details on all available plans to determine which one will best suit their needs and financial situation.

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