Trust East River Energy to Deliver Heating Oil in Clinton

by | Mar 30, 2016 | Petroleum Products

Many property owners choose to use heating oil for warmth. One reason is that oil burns hotter than propane and heats more efficiently than electricity. Newer systems also minimize the occurrence of puff-backs that leave soot behind, and there are also little to no fumes. Many people are also converting to Heating Oil in Clinton because it costs less to purchase than other fuels.

Heating Oil in Clinton is also the preferred heating method for homebuilders because it burns cleaner than other heating sources and it is portable. The environment also benefits from the use of heating oil versus gas or propane. Oil has no cancer-causing agents and .003 of particulate emissions when burned. These two factors alone are another reason homeowners are making the switch to heating oil. The cost to purchase heating oil is also 2.5 to 5.5 percent lower than electric-based systems. Heating oil burns 400 degrees hotter than propane or gas, and the system does not have to run for extended periods of time to heat a home. Larger homes warm up more efficiently with the use of heating oil than any other heating method.

Homes located off the beaten path also benefit from heating oil. It is portable and stored in a tank on the property. There is no need to connect to a gas line. The tank is designed to hold enough oil to run the residence for several months. Customers can also have oil delivered at any time. Some clients choose to have their heating oil delivered automatically to avoid running low. Budgeting for heating oil can be tricky, and customers will have to monitor their tanks to make sure they are not running low or run out before the next scheduled delivery. Once the oil has run out, the home will not have any heat, but many companies do have an emergency delivery service available.

East River Energy provides heating options to customers in Clinton and surrounding areas. They can also assist clients in maintaining and repairing their existing systems. Whether it is electric, propane, natural gas or oil, they have a solution to suit many needs. Their staff can direct people to the system that is right for them. Need a new system or just reliable delivery? Give them a call.

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