Your Furnace In Clinton Should Be Inspected For Winter

Your Furnace In Clinton Should Be Inspected For Winter

The furnace may be working now, but it can easily break down during the winter months if it’s not inspected. An inspection of the furnace can detect minor problems that could have a huge effect on someone’s warmth during the coldest months of the winter. A call to a company that can inspect or repair a furnace in Clinton should be done now. Loose belts or fittings or a cracked heat exchanger could result in devastating consequences. An inspection of a furnace will include checking all of the components and thoroughly cleaning dust or dirt from the inside of the unit.

What Is A Cracked Heat Exchanger?

The heat exchanger on a furnace gets extremely hot during its operation and cools down when it’s not operating. This expansion and contraction can cause the heat exchanger to crack. A gas furnace can leak dangerous carbon monoxide into a home, and an oil furnace will leave a greasy black coating inside of a home.

Can An Owner Check For Cracks On A Heat Exchanger?

Unfortunately, a homeowner cannot check for cracks inside of the furnace. An HVAC technician is equipped with a special camera that can fit inside the tiny opening so they can view the condition of the heat exchanger. It is not something anyone can detect just by looking at the outside of a furnace.


An owner can extend the life of their furnace in Clinton by regularly replacing a furnace filter. If there’s a lot of dust in the building, it’s usually a sign the filter needs to be replaced. If a homeowner has pets, animal hair can become lodged in the filter and block the air flow, which will increase their energy costs.

Sounds That May Be A Sign A Furnace Needs To Be Repaired

If the furnace turns on and there’s a loud bang, it’s time to contact an experienced furnace company. Squealing sounds or a home that’s colder than normal is also another reason to make a call.

If you haven’t had your furnace checked, now is the time to contact East River Energy. They offer outstanding service on all makes and models of furnaces.

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