Looking For Experienced Social Security Disability Lawyers

Certain people are ineligible for social security disability. For example, someone injured during the commission of a felony is ineligible. Of course, they must be convicted of the crime. Likewise, people who are disabled in prison are ineligible. They may apply for benefits once they are released. The Social Security Administration (SSA) is likely to deny benefits to individuals with a disability due to drug or alcohol addiction. People in this category need to hire a lawyer. They may be able to prove addiction is not the cause of the disability.

Social Security Disability Lawyers have experience working with SSA. They are aware that the agency has disability requirements for every illness. Check with Sara J Frankel Law Offices PC for a consultation. Lawyers know that medical documentation is the key to securing benefits. It is important that applicants report every symptom to the doctor. On the other hand, make sure the doctor documents everything. The lawyer orders medical records and scans them for accuracy.

Another reason applicants are denied is the severity of their impairment. SSA requires disabilities to last at least a year or be terminal. Social Security Disability Lawyers explain all the requirements to their clients. The only exception to the time-limit disability rules is for blind SSI applicants. Individuals can also be denied if they have too much money. SSI is a disability program for low-income people. Applicants cannot earn more than $1500 per month. The agency monitors SSI recipients for any changes in income. Indeed, one will lose benefits if they suddenly earn more money. Additionally, personal injury settlements are counted as income. People on SSI should let their attorney know before collecting the settlement.

Many applicants refuse to cooperate with the agency. As a result, they do not receive benefits. Applicants must agree to let SSA see their medical records. Likewise, applicants must see any experts that SSA sends them to. Often, the agency sends applicants to a vocational expert or an agency physician. It is best to cooperate because they may not be able to decide the case without more information. Hire a lawyer to guide you through the complicated disability process. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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