Fall Has Arrived, And That Home Or Business Is Due For A Landscape Renovation In Lawrence, KS

The warm summer air and the sunshine is fading quickly, and the plants and shrubs around a home or business may be looking like a bad hair day with humidity. The fall is a great time for a Landscape Renovation in Lawrence KS. Trees and flowers seem to give that additional push of growth right before the weather turns colder and could use separating and trimming for the arrival of warm weather again in the spring. Now is a great time to have trees pruned before Mother Nature unleashes her cold, bitter winds with freezing and thawing temperatures. Ensuring the safety of a structure with removing dead or diseased limbs from trees near buildings should be completed this time of the year.

Leaf cleanup is another area that needs to be addressed in the fall during a Landscape Renovation in Lawrence KS. These leaves can kill the grass and shrubs over the winter. If the irrigation or sprinkler system wasn’t working well over the summer, it is recommended that it be fixed before the freezing temperatures arrive. Any water that is leaking into the ground can cause more damage to the system and permit a water or electric bill to increase. Being ready for spring is one of the main reasons landscaping renovation should be performed in the fall. Small weeds can also begin to develop on warmer days. These weeds will quickly spread the seeds into other areas with the wind. They should be treated by a professional as soon as they appear. Click here to get more details.

Renovating the landscaping could also result in the owner deciding to completely alter the look of the home or business atmosphere. Overgrown plants, perennials, trees, and grassy areas can be redesigned to be more aesthetically appealing. Greentouch Lawn Service offers free estimates for lawn service for commercial and residential properties, vegetation management, sprinkler systems, tree service, landscape building and design, as well as holiday light displays. They are capable of covering any outside area with the necessary planning, maintenance and delivery to beautify the outside of a home. Let the professionals handle the outside duties that they are highly trained to perform.

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