Considering Options for Inscriptions on Headstones in CT

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Part of making an end of life arrangements involves choosing a design for the headstone. Even after the basic shape and size is determined, there is still the need to decide what sort of inscription the stone will bear. Here are some suggestions that will help the individual come up with something that is tasteful and will serve as a fitting monument.

The Basics

All Headstones in CT typically include some basic information about the individual. Even the simplest designs will have the name of the person and the birth and death years. It is traditional to include complete birth and death dates when the information is available. For some people, this is all the information they wish to have on the stone. If that is the wish of the individual, choosing to order the stone now will ensure no one attempts to invest in something more elaborate later on.

A Favorite Quote

Many people like the idea of quotations to their Headstones in CT. Quotes can come from a wide range of sources. Perhaps the quote will be a favorite passage from a book of sacred writings that meant a great deal to the individual during life. Maybe the quote will come straight from the pages of a favorite novel. The quote can also be something that the individual was fond of saying or a piece of advice that was passed on to each of the children. In this manner, future generations will have some idea of what mattered to the person.


Symbols are also often found on headstones. The symbols provide more information about some type of connection the person had to a religious or fraternal organization, a branch of the military, or a specific profession. Like the quote, the addition of some type of symbol allows the generations to come the opportunity to know a little more about those who went before and what mattered to them.

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