Learn More About Stone Pointing in Philadelphia, PA

Learn More About Stone Pointing in Philadelphia, PA

Maintaining masonry is no easy task, especially if the masonry requiring repairs is part of a historical building. That’s why it’s so important to entrust a dedicated and specialized professional with repairs such as stone pointing in Philadelphia, PA. Property owners who don’t understand the process may be unable to grasp why it’s so important that they hire a specialist, though; they can read on to learn more about what pointing is and what it entails below.

What is Stone Pointing?

The term “pointing” refers to the finish used between stones to construct walls and buildings; it is more commonly known as “mortar” in modern times. While today’s stone buildings use mortar made from cement, older pointing used to be fabricated from the lime. In both historical buildings and their contemporary counterparts, this substance plays an incredibly important role in both holding stones in place and preventing water damage to the joints.

A Sacrificial Element

Mortar is considered a sacrificial element, which, in layman’s terms, simply means that it isn’t as strong as the stones surrounding it. This means it must be replaced periodically to keep stone walls from deteriorating. However, it also allows the walls themselves to breathe, letting any water in the wall drain and ensuring that the stones themselves will not become damaged.

Special Concerns for Historic Buildings

Buildings fabricated before the 1920s used lime mortar, rather than cement mortar. Any property owner who is looking into maintaining or repairing a historical building should exercise particular caution when choosing a masonry contractor, as incorrect repointing can cause substantial damage. Look for a contractor that specializes in historical buildings and has experience matching old mortar in addition to using modern cement mortar.

Get Help Today

Do you need to find a masonry contractor capable of providing professional-quality stone pointing in Philadelphia, PA for a historical or a modern building? There are plenty to choose from, but unfortunately, not all of them are capable of performing high-quality work, and incorrect repointing will cause more damage than leaving a wall to rot. Visit the website for information about one local company that offers high-quality repointing services for both historic and modern buildings to get professional results that will last a lifetime.

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