3 Ways to Make The Most of Social Media Marketing

3 Ways to Make The Most of Social Media Marketing

There’s no doubt that choosing to pursue social media marketing might be one of the best ideas your business can make. In 2017, internet users around the world utilized social media for an average of 135 minutes each day. Multiply that number by the vast amount of internet users, and you’ll quickly find that there is nearly infinite opportunity to advertise your brand online. To make sure you take full advantage of this marketing opportunity and effectively capture the attention of users worldwide, consider the tips below.

1. Optimize your graphics for each social media site. Websites such as Facebook and Twitter each have a different size to which media posts default. Posting images larger or smaller than this designated size can result in distorted images or essential parts of your graphics being cut out of the display margins. Don’t make your future clients have to tap the image to see everything at full size. Instead, capture their attention right away with all of your essential information appearing in the default display! Many design programs offer templates for these sites, making your job even easier.

2. Choose a posting schedule and stick to it. If you are a content creator utilizing social media marketing to draw attention to your brand, do your best to post content on a regular, predictable basis. This builds your reputation as a steady and reliable creator, and individuals will be more likely to engage with someone who has this kind of established, professional online presence.

3. Make use of high-traffic times. Consider the different times of day when your clientele will be online, and don’t forget about other time zones! Keeping your content relevant and ensuring that your advertisements are seen can be as easy as posting during a time when the most people will be able to view it.

These tips may seem simple, but you’ll be amazed at how they can boost the effectiveness of your next social media marketing campaign.

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