Why Repair Management Software Should Be at the Top of Your List

Why Repair Management Software Should Be at the Top of Your List

If you don’t already have it, repair management software is an essential product to have for your auto shop. You could be losing sales because customers want things printed out that are easy to read and understand. Plus, you may have trouble finding quality employees because they don’t want to do everything by hand and want streamlined tickets and ordering.

What it Does

Repair management software does so much that the better question may be what it doesn’t do. It won’t fix the vehicles itself or remind people to come to work on time (or come back from lunch), but it can streamline almost every other aspect of their jobs, such as:

  • Keeping track of inventory
  • One-click ordering of parts/products
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Sending reminders to customers
  • Generating tickets for work to be done
  • Creating estimates for work
  • Monitoring the time it takes to complete a job
  • Much more

The goal isn’t to hire fewer employees, though it can seem like it at first. The software allows people to work more efficiently, which means they take less time getting things organized and become more proficient at their job. For example, if your technician has to walk into the front office to collect tickets, determine which ones may take the longest (or who was there first), find the machine to read the code, and then start working on the issue, it could take them a lot longer. Plus, they may also have to estimate all the costs and labor, bring it back to the customer or administrative assistant, and wait for approval.

With repair management software, most of that is handled from the front office, which means your technician stays in the back, gets the ticket, and can commence working to fix the issue or perform the maintenance. Contact eGenuity to get more details!

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