Why It’s Important to Contact Your Pest Control Experts After Seeing Centipedes on Your Property

You may go years without seeing a centipede around your yard or inside your property, but when you spot one, it is important that you hire professional residential pest control in Palm Beach Gardens because where one centipede has been spotted, others are likely close by.

What’s the Problem with Centipedes?

They are part of the natural food chain, eaten by bigger pests while living on smaller insects around a property. The problem with centipedes is that when they sting, it can be dangerous for those that suffer from allergic reactions. In fact for some people, it can actually be life-threatening.

Residential pest control in Palm Beach Gardens can provide a barrier around your property which, when maintained regularly, will halt the progress of centipedes trying to move inside your property.

If living within a small family group, they can be difficult to find, locate and eradicate. Centipedes live underground and can be seen when you carefully lift rocks and logs, as they enjoy dark areas, preferably moist and sheltered for quiet.

The pain from a centipede sting is relevant to the size of the centipede. A full-grown centipede can cause quite a nasty sting, similar to a bee sting. The smaller centipedes can cause a smaller sting, but it can be quite annoying and worrying for those who suffer from allergies.

Centipedes can move through your property at lightning speed and prefer to come out at night. They like small cracks around the foundations of a home, the windows, and doors. They can also move through a small space quite effectively.

Although you may be able to catch and destroy a centipede of any size, you need to be aware that they will fight back and try to sting you to protect themselves. Your next action must be to contact your residential pest control in Palm Beach Gardens so they can remove all centipedes from the inside of your property and provide a barrier around the outside. It is also important to teach your children to carefully move rocks and logs, checking for centipedes to avoid being stung.

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