Is It Time to Move Towards Mezzanine Storage Systems?

There are a variety of names for mezzanine storage systems. They are sometimes called decks or catwalks, for example. No matter what you call them, though, they all represent the same thing. They are all systems that allow for the warehouse or distribution center to build working surfaces that are constructed above the finished floor within your location. There are a variety of methods available, and each one offers a different function. All can help to enhance the amount of space available for storage.

What to Know about Them

Before you invest in mezzanine storage systems, it is important to consider what features will be important to you. This system, in general, refers to any situation in which the flooring is positioned only in the aisles that are between the storage units on the upper level. The work platform is the flooring system where the flooring supports the upper-level storage media or the work process. When this type of system is used, there is an increased amount of space available. For organizations that are considering making this move, it is important to consider full mat, catwalk, and free-standing versions. Each is a bit different, but there is a solution for nearly all needs.

When it comes time to consider the use of mezzanine storage systems, working with an expert is important. That’s essential because there are restrictions on OSHA and various local organizations. You will need to work closely with the professionals available to you to find the best fit for your specific goals. Keep in mind that these systems can be very versatile to fit any need. Working with a professional organization to customize them is a critical step in the process of putting them in place in your location.

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