Dodge Bearings: Ultra Kleen Mounted Ball Bearings

Dodge Bearings: Ultra Kleen Mounted Ball Bearings

Baldor-Dodge has established itself as one of the top global suppliers of power transmission products and system components. For more than 120 years, the company has worked hard to ensure its customers have access to leading edge, functional products. In 2010, they raised the bar for their competitors when they produced a new line of innovative Dodge bearings. The Ultra Kleen mounted ball bearing has quickly become a favorite for companies from Washington State to Louisiana and from California to Maine.

Dodge Ultra Kleen Mounted Ball Bearings

For companies whose machinery undergoes frequent washdowns, the Dodge Ultra Kleen mounted ball bearing is ideal. The bearing utilizes the perfect metal for such applications – stainless steel. Lauded for its sanitary qualities, stainless steel is also tough and durable. The Ultra Kleen bearing features a set screw insert as well as a stainless steel housing (alternatively, the material for this casing may be a polymer).

This type of Dodge bearings also features the following advantageous characteristics:

Seals: The bearings have a QuadGuard triple lip seal with rubberized flinger

Lubricant: The lubricant is food grade

Lubricant retention: This is maintained via a MaxLife cage which has grease compartments for each rolling element improving lubrication while decreasing friction

Housing: The casing of stainless steel has a solid base preventing the entrapment of any contaminants

The result is a mounted ball bearing that is innovative, functional and capable of addressing the safety and sanitary concerns of the food processing industries. It incorporates new technology to ensure it not only provides sanitary conditions but also makes the bearing more durable therefore extending its life. For many processing plants in Louisiana, such technology is capable of decreasing lost productivity through shutdowns.

Dodge Bearings

Baldor-Dodge remains a leader in its field. They have an innovative approach to their products. Dodge bearings, such as the Ultra Kleen mounted ball bearing, are clear examples of how the company continues to succeed in a competitive field.

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