The Benefits Valve Distributors Have Over General Suppliers

The Benefits Valve Distributors Have Over General Suppliers

As a contractor or a construction company planning a large or small construction or retrofit project, it is important to have the right suppliers in place for all the materials needed on the job.

There are two options to consider when selecting your supplier. One is a general contract supplier, and the other is a supplier that is also an approved distributor for specific types of materials and components you will need on the job. A good example of this is the difference between general construction supply outlets with a selection of valves and valve distributors.

The major difference is that valve distributors are approved by the valve manufacturers to sell their products. This also means they have training on the various valves offered as well as access to sales reps and managers if there are questions about any of the valves they offer.

Paying Less

One of the benefits that all contractors will appreciate is that there are often cost savings associated with working directly with approved distributors. These companies buy directly from the manufacturer, plus they tend to buy in large volume and pass the savings along.

Support and Information on Products

Working with top valve distributors will allow you to gain insight, assistance, and support for the different valve options. Often there are better products on the market than what may have been the go-to valve in the past. By taking a closer look at what is recommended, there may be options for faster or easier installation, longer life cycles on the valves and even better control options to match the system.

Shorter Lead Time on Product Orders

With their association with the valve manufacturers, special orders, which may be custom valve requirements, large volume orders or even hard to find valves, are easier to order. The network that these distributors can tap into can make a big difference for all orders and, in many cases, even provide emergency delivery when needed for a project.

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