Understand How GPS Survey Equipment Can Benefit Your Business

There are many benefits concerning using GPS surveying equipment for your land surveying jobs. When it comes to GPS (global positioning system), surveying it’s clear to see that such technology is beneficial. Using a space-based radio navigation system to provide valuable information makes surveying that much easier. The information that you can collect includes navigation, time data, speed and three-dimensional positions. Using GPS for surveying projects gives you the ability to use 24 satellites that are in orbit over 12,000 miles above the surface of the earth. You will receive broadcasts for positions on a continuous basis.

GPS Works Well Through Bad Weather Conditions

If you must perform surveying tasks when the weather is not the best, you can still depend on GPS to work hard for you. It’s not affected by bad weather conditions. This type of technology is seamlessly integrated with many different types of geographic information systems. It gives you the ability to provide highly accurate information for digital maps of infrastructure, land and even highways. Survey equipment that utilizes GPS can help reduce your labor costs and increase the accuracy of your surveys.

Perform Surveying Jobs Twice As Fast

Are you interested in being able to perform surveying jobs twice as fast? You can when you invest in surveying equipment with GPS. It is two as fast as conventional surveying methods. If you invest in a GPS system with 2 units, you’ve increased your potential to work four times faster. GPS technology in regards to surveying is also perfect when you need to use it over a long distance with fewer setups. You can survey over a distance of 6 miles from the actual base unit.

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