How to Choose Subterranean Termite Treatment for Your Home

How to Choose Subterranean Termite Treatment for Your Home

Unfortunately, termites are a fact of life in Maryland. If you happen to have termites in your home, you need to know how to choose the best subterranean termite treatment for your home. Of course, you could try to do the subterranean termite assessment and termite control yourself with the various products on the market, but DIY treatments can be tricky, dangerous, and ineffective. If you live in Maryland it is strongly recommended that you rely on the experience and knowledge of an expert like those at Viking Pest Control.

1. Understand the problem. Are you sure you have termites? Termites resemble ants, but the swarmers tend to have wings. As their name suggests, subterranean termites nest in tunnels in the soil, where they have access to adequate moisture. They will often find they can nest in wet wood. From their nests, termites can build elaborate tunnel systems to connect themselves with a food source. That food source might be your home! If you see termites around your home, don’t be alarmed, but do pay attention so that when you are ready to call a professional for termite control, you know what to tell them.

2. Prevent the problem. Did you know that your termite problems can be prevented, so that you don’t have to wait until damage has been done to your home? Take care of your home and discourage termites from nesting by making sure there is no standing wet wood where they can nest. Eliminating scrap or waste wood from your shed or yard is a great way to prevent termites from taking up residence on your property. Likewise, reduce the use of mulch in your yard, because termites may find mulch to be an attractive place to breed.

3. Take Action Now. Termites cause damage. If you wait until it is too late, the expense of fixing your home might be greater than you were prepared for. If you call now, you might be able to fix the problem so that termites never do damage to your Maryland home.

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