Contacting a Service for Professional Pest Control in Moore, OK When a Termite Swarm Appears

Contacting a Service for Professional Pest Control in Moore, OK When a Termite Swarm Appears

A termite swarm on residential property usually is not a cause for concern because termites are very prevalent outdoors. Their activity of chewing up dead wood is beneficial for breaking down that material in forests and other wooded areas. However, if the swarm is seen next to the house, such as around the foundation, having the structure evaluated by a company providing pest control in Moore OK is advisable.

A Swarm

What is a termite swarm? Like honey bees, some of these insects form a group within a colony, then leave to find a new home. This is an instinctive action related to the colony’s growth in population over time. Normally this is no problem for property owners, but if the termites decide that a building on the property is appealing, professional pest control in Moore OK becomes necessary. If the swarm moves inside, they can cause serious structural damage.

Termites vs. Ants

Sometimes, a property owner calls for help and finds out that the swarm does not consist of termites but of flying ants. That’s a big relief. People can learn the difference in appearance between winged ants and termites by checking the wing sizes. Termites have four wings of the same size, while one pair of ant wings are shorter than the other pair.

Termites Away From the House

If a termite swarm has been seen on the property but not near the house, the property owner will want to keep an eye on other wood structures to make sure termites are not taking up residence there. The bugs could destroy a wood fence, for example, and have substantial destructive effects on a garden shed or other outbuilding. Sometimes they get to work on utility poles and stacks of firewood.

Financial Impact

Termites cause billions of dollars of damage in the United States every year. Contacting a pest control service such as Bug Zappers promptly is crucial when the bugs may have invaded a building. Many homeowners wind up spending thousands of dollars to repair damage to their houses after a termite infestation, which often is not noticed for a lengthy period. Learn about us at the website.

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