How to Install Dimmable Lighting

With a new dimmable bright white bulb and the right kind of wall switch, you can dim or brighten your lights anytime you want. It’s not hard to install a dimmer switch if you have basic knowledge of electricity. Here is how you can do it.

1. Turn Off Power

Turn off the breaker to the circuit and make sure you turn off the right breaker. Afterward, check to see if the light works. Other things in the room like lamps, television, and computer, may also not work.

2. Remove the Old Switch

Take off the cover plate and then remove the screws holding the switch in place. Now pull out the old switch and count the terminals. If you have two terminals, it is a single pole switch and easy to change. If there are three terminals, it’s a three-way switch and they are a bit trickier. It’s best to have an experienced handyman or electrician wire the switch.

3. Single-Pole Wiring

Wiring a single pole for a dimmable bright white bulb fixture is simple. However, you’ll have either a loop circuit or a standard circuit. Standard circuits are the easiest to wire. Simply wire both black wires to the main terminal screws. Make sure to check the instructions that came with the switch

Loop Circuits

With loop circuits, power feeds from the light fixture to the switch, and back to the light fixture. A loop circuit may have both black and white wires connected to the main terminals. This is perfectly fine. Just make sure to use the same two wires connected to the old switch.

4. Final Connections

Once you re-attach the wires, turn on the breaker and check to see if your new dimmable bright white bulb works properly. If so, replace the plate and you are finished. If you are not sure what you are doing, get qualified help.

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