How Are T Channel Products Made?

How Are T Channel Products Made?

Have you ever seen those handy and practical T channel products? They are extremely versatile and allow you to construct a wide range of custom materials for your business or home. But what are tee channels and how are these things created? Let’s take a closer look to see.

What is a Tee Slot or Channel?

Tee slot products get their name due to their unique “tee” shapes. Although they are a square shaped material, they have special “tee shaped” grooves on all sides. This allows one to slide materials into the grooves and they will not come out. Some of the best T channel materials are made from durable, strong and lightweight aluminum. But why should you choose aluminum?

Aluminum is one of the most corrosion resistant metals on the market today. In addition, it is much lighter than steel and more durable than wood. Wood is subject to rotting and steel rusts easily. Aluminum channels are created with a special process known as extrusion. A large billet or aluminum blank is heated to soften it and then literally pushed through a die to create a huge variety of shapes and sizes.

In order to soften the aluminum billet, it must be heated at just the right temperature. If too much heat is applied, it will melt. It requires just enough heat to simplify the process of extrusion. Once extrusion takes place, the long sections of T channel are then cooled and stretched to ensure straightness.

Besides tee channels, extrusion is used to make many different products. For example, it can easily create round, square or rectangular shaped tubing. Seamless aluminum guttering is made with mobile extrusion equipment and it literally creates custom sections of guttering on the job site.

Many Different Finishes Are Possible

A reputable extrusion manufacturer can put many different finishes on your product. You can choose from all kinds of colors, which are anodized to provide a durable and long lasting finishing. Do you need your materials cut to specific lengths or countersunk? This is not a problem for your extruded aluminum supplier.

When you have tee shaped grooves on all sides of a square section of aluminum tubing, you own one of the most versatile building materials you can find. You can build custom framing or the perfect work table for your business. Create your own workspace with T channel frames if you like. The only limit to this material is the imagination.

If you would like to discover the many possibilities of aluminum T channel, come to Eagle Mouldings. We have more than 25 years in the business and are here to help you make the right choices.

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