How to Reduce the Cost of Your Car Rental in San Jose

How to Reduce the Cost of Your Car Rental in San Jose

Usually, the best advice to reduce the cost of your car rental is to avoid renting or visiting the area of San Jose during the busiest times of the year. Unfortunately, many can’t avoid travel at the most demanding times, particularly when you have to choose dates when your children are out of school. How else can you save good money on your next rent-a-car deal?

Ignore The Bigger Name Brands

Although many individuals feel safe and secure choosing international brand names for their hotels and when they rent a car, you may often find a much better deal by choosing a recommended local or independent business. They are able to offer better deals because they do not have to pay for all of the international branding at their offices and on the vehicles and paying for branded documentation and other marketing activities.

Ask for A Discount

Many rent a car services in San Jose are able to offer a discount, simply, by just asking. They may be able to offer this reduction in their standard fees because they do not have to pay a fee to the hotel or other concierge service or an agent’s fee when the rental of the vehicle is being organized by another business. When you deal direct you can reduce the car rental company’s expenses.

This will depend upon the time of the year and how busy the rent-a-car business is when you request a discount for the vehicle.

Rent for Longer Than Expected

By analyzing the deals on offer, it may sometimes be beneficial to rent the vehicle for an extra day to take advantage of an overall lower rate. Car rental businesses prefer customers to rent cars for longer periods of time, as opposed to renting for a day or two.

They have to build in a cleaning fee and a vehicle safety check before each new rental. This obviously increases the overall cost for very short-term rentals.

On occasions, you may receive a discount from the car rental business when you have recommended their operation to fellow travelers. Most businesses enjoy receiving new customers without having to pay for marketing and advertising. Although your recommended friends may pay the full price for their rental, you might be offered a suitable discount for your willingness to suggest a suitable and safe, rental business.

Should you not be able to achieve a discount against the standard rates, you could always book a smaller vehicle and ask for a free upgrade when you arrive at the rental desk. Sometimes this works to your benefit!

At Solid Car Rental we want to ensure you can rent a car in San Jose so you have the freedom to travel around the country. With a wide variety of locations and optional airport pickups, we look forward to meeting with you soon.

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