2024 Aluminum – Variants and Industry Applications

2024 Aluminum – Variants and Industry Applications

When you are buying aluminum, it is vital to find the correct alloy for your specific application. Aluminum alloy referred to as 2024 aluminum has excellent characteristics that make it the perfect material for the aerospace/aircraft industry.

2024 Alloy Properties
In 1931, Alcoa developed this alloy. It is perfect for aircraft applications due to particular properties and characteristics of possesses. After it was developed, it essentially replaced 2017-T4 as the previous alloy of choice for aircraft.

The beneficial properties of 2024 include stress corrosion cracking resistance, strength, and stiffness. In addition, it also provides excellent resistance to shearing and can handle temperatures that are on the extreme end of the spectrum. One of its limits is its lower resistance to atmospheric corrosion in locations near the sea. However, alcladding may be applied to solve this problem.

2024 Aluminum Variations
Usually available in plate form, this alloy is offered in thicknesses ranging from .25 to 6 inches. It is also provided in sheet form and can be offered as amount clad product as well. 2024 is also used in its annealed state or in various tempers.

Some variants of 224 have been developed that are used for particular applications. These include 2124 and 2324, each of which have unique characteristics, but are higher in purity and strength. They can be used in aircraft industry applications as well, similar to the applications for which 2024 is applied.

Aircraft Industry Application
2024 aluminum is used often in various structural applications, such as with components including wing skins, hydraulic manifolds, ribs, wing tension members, and fuselages. Fuselage skins for both military and commercial aircraft can benefit from Alcad forms. 2024 is used commonly in aircraft engine parts.

Alclad Aluminum Product
Alcad aluminum consists of pure aluminum sandwiched by a particular type of alloy on both sides. The aluminum in the middle of the “sandwich” provides excellent shear resistance and strength as well as rigidity and works well with the outer layers.

If you need to apply 2024 aluminum or any other aluminum alloy to your current projects are applications, get in touch with an experienced aluminum supply company today to discover your options.

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