Before Giving up On A Rug, Try Antique Rug Restoration In New York /city

Before Giving up On A Rug, Try Antique Rug Restoration In New York /city

Sometimes antique rugs have been in a family for generations, or they carry fond memories with them. Sometimes a homeowner likes the antique patina old rugs carry. Antique rugs from middle-eastern counties are made to last for decades where a modern machine-made rug can wear out quickly. There are people who look for valuable antique rugs of wool or silk with the idea of getting them restored to their former beauty and high-value. These rug owners look to antique rug restoration in New York City companies for rug cleaning and restoration.

What Can Rug Restoration Experts Do?

Rug restoration companies such as The Golden Horn have artisans in their employ capable of restoring antique rugs with matching weaving techniques and rug fibers. They can replace rug fringes as needed in a way that looks original. These rug restoration technicians can repair water damage, resize a rug, safely clean soiled rugs, and restore damaged rugs. Suppose a new puppy chews a hole in a valuable rug or furniture is dragged across a rug tearing it? Does the owner get mad and throw that beloved rug out, or do they seek antique rug restoration in New York City?

Can The Rug Be Repaired?

Antique rug lovers don’t give up their valuable rugs easily. In New York City, they can contact a dependable rug restoration service. The rug service will look at the rug to determine if it can be restored. Then they will give the rug owner a written plan of repair and cost along with a timetable for completion of the work. Whether a rug can be cost-effectively repaired depends on the new damage and the general condition of the rug.

If the rug is in generally good condition, it can be repaired in most cases. The rug base will be carefully patched and then the rug design will be carefully replaced with matching yarn. Soiled rugs are carefully cleaned in safe, time-honored processes. Faded rugs areas can be re-dyed with traditional dyes. Warped, out of square rugs can be resized and shaped carefully to return to their original size and shape. Go to the website for more information.

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