What Kinds of Issues Can Be Addressed with Antique Rug Restoration in Manhattan?

What Kinds of Issues Can Be Addressed with Antique Rug Restoration in Manhattan?

Antique rugs and especially oriental rugs constitute a serious investment for most owners, so they deserve to be treated as such. Unfortunately, though, even the most conscientiously-maintained rugs will eventually begin to show serious signs of wear; however, there is a simple solution: take the rug to an expert in antique rug restoration in Manhattan. Read on to find out more about what the process of restoring antique rugs entails and what kinds of damage can successfully be repaired below.

Holes and Tears

Surprisingly, even fairly large holes and tears can actually be successfully repaired much of the time provided the expert performing repairs has access to the right kind of wool to match the original rug’s color and texture and has sufficient training in reweaving. Whether holes in an antique rug are the result of general wear or acute damage, it’s worth taking the rug in to get an estimate before simply replacing it with a new one.

Pet Damage

Beloved family pets can cause an awful lot of havoc when they are left to their own devices. Cats often scratch at rugs, while dogs chew them, and either of these common family pets can leave unattractive stains if they choose the antique rug as their favored place to have “accidents” while their owners are out. Thankfully, all of that damage can be repaired, and rugs can usually be restored to their original condition with the help of a dedicated professional.

Dry Rot

Rugs that are stored incorrectly often suffer from dry rot, which can be serious. If only certain patches are affected, though, it may still be possible for a repair and restoration specialist to restore the rug. Amazingly, the techniques used for antique rug restoration in Manhattan allow truly dedicated experts in the field to restore even substantially damaged rugs with up to 70% of their area in poor condition.

Worn or Detached Fringe

Worn, detached, or missing fringe is actually a fairly simple fix but it can have a dramatic impact on the appearance of a restored antique carpet. Keep in mind that these restoration techniques require a good deal of time, specialized skill, and knowledge, but the results that they provide are priceless. Know more about us by checking out the website or get in touch for an estimate today.

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