Are Braces with Orthodontic Brackets in Toms River, NJ Necessary?

Are Braces with Orthodontic Brackets in Toms River, NJ Necessary?

If your teeth are crooked, then they can be straightened with the help of an orthodontist. They can recommend procedures to permanently straighten the teeth, such as getting braces. The type of braces or aligners that an orthodontist recommends depends on the condition of the teeth.

How Braces Work

When you have crooked teeth, an orthodontist may recommend braces to straighten them. Braces, whether metal or ceramic, consist of several pieces that help move teeth into place so that they look and function properly. The parts of a set of braces include orthodontic brackets in Toms River, NJ.

Orthodontic brackets hold the wires that are tightened to gradually move teeth into their proper position. They are attached directly to the teeth with a chemical bonding agent or with metal bands. To help move the teeth, a wire is then connected to the brackets so that when the wire is adjusted, the teeth adjust with it.

The Length of Time Braces Are Worn

The length of time braces that must be worn depends on who is wearing them. For adults, they usually wear traditional braces for 18 months to three years. Children normally wear braces for an average of two years; after the teeth have been straightened, they will wear retainers to help keep them in place. If you have questions about getting braces, click here.

Braces with orthodontic brackets may not be necessary if the teeth are only slightly crooked. Many adults choose plastic aligners to help straighten their teeth gradually if traditional braces are unnecessary. Plastic aligners are not noticeable in most cases and they can be removed at night to make sleeping more comfortable.

If you have crooked teeth, an orthodontist can recommend the type of braces or aligners that can help straighten them so that your smile looks its best and your teeth function properly.

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