Give Yourself a Fighting Chance with a Criminal Attorney in Chicago

by | Jul 22, 2014 | Law Services

If you are facing criminal charges one of the most important steps you can take is to retain the services of an experienced criminal attorney. Regardless of whether you are facing charges for a property crime, DUI, sex offense, murder, violent crime, or traffic offense you need an attorney who is experienced in felony and misdemeanor criminal matters.

When choosing a Criminal Attorney Chicago, you want to ensure that you receive quality representation. There are several things you should find out during your first meeting with an attorney. These things will be important to the handling of your case.

You will want an attorney who has a significant history of criminal defense practice. And you will want one that has experience bringing cases to trial. While a successful history of dismissals or plea bargains is a big plus, you need to know that your attorney has the experience needed if your case goes to trial.

You will also want an attorney who has experience with your specific case type. An attorney who mainly handles sex crimes will likely not be a good choice to handle a DUI charge.

What is their plan for your case? After discussing the details you will need to know the path the attorney plans to take. Will you need additional services such as witnesses or investigators? Will they want to involve your family and friends? How will this affect the cost of representation and does the attorney have existing relationships with experts?

Where does the attorney see your case going? While no attorney can guarantee an outcome, experienced attorneys can give you insight into possible resolutions. You should be aware up front of possible options such as deferred actions or plea bargains so that you have the time to process the information. Here you can Visit Site that will explain possible outcomes.

You should discuss who your point of contact in the office will be, and how often and in what form communication will take. If you have difficulty using a telephone, it is important to know you can stay up-to-date with face-to-face meetings.

Criminal charges that end in a guilty finding can mean a loss of freedom to jail time and the payment of heavy fines. You may also lose your job, property, and face other punitive action. Insuring that your Criminal Attorney Chicago is experienced and knowledgeable will give you the highest chance at a positive resolution.

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