Why it is a Good Time to Visit Roush Mustang Dealers in NJ

by | Jul 22, 2014 | Automobiles

The Roush Mustang has helped to define the era of the American muscle car. This car is as well known for its distinctive look as it is for its performance. It undoubtedly has a lot of power, but it is infinitely drivable, offering great acceleration, good cornering ability and a smooth ride. There are plenty of reasons why this car is so highly favored among car buyers, and it gets a lot of attention at Roush Mustang dealers in NJ and in other areas.

Despite its power, the Roush Mustang offers great fuel economy, which is a comfort to owners in a time of high gas prices. The already impressive specs and features have been given a number of upgrades to suit the more discriminating car buying public. Customers can also order special customizations to suit their tastes. The embroidered floor mats help to add to the Mustang’s aesthetic value, as does the sport leather seating. You can choose a white or black shifter ball, and you will enjoy the feel of the suede wrapped steering wheel. The ambient lighting in the doors and presence of a center console button will also help to win this car a new legion of fans.

Since there are different models available, do not be hasty in making a selection. Regardless of the one you choose, you can count on the brand’s reputations for high performance. Roush Mustang dealers in NJ offer the Roush Mustang Stage 1, 2 and 3 models. The Roush Mustang Stage 3 Premier Edition is also worth considering. Talk to the dealers about the accessories and features available to find out which one is really right for you.

You can make a Stage 3 Mustang reflect your taste by personalizing it with a Custom Paint Finish by Sherwin-Williams®. You can also choose a custom graphic package that will help to set your car apart from the rest. You can also choose from among three different 20 inch wheel options for the Stage 3, which are hyper black, chrome and new graphite.

The choice of four different brake packages expands your options even further. When you visit a dealer like Maplecrest Ford of Mendham in your area, the sales staff can help you to fully explore the options and to choose the best car for your needs.


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