Get Pets’ Nails Trimmed at Clinics for Animal Health Care in Timonium, MD

Get Pets’ Nails Trimmed at Clinics for Animal Health Care in Timonium, MD

If you have a pet, especially a dog, it is up to you to make sure he or she is happy and healthy. Not only should you take him or her to his or her veterinarian for annual check-ups and vaccinations, but you need to bathe him or her regularly and have his or her nails trimmed. Trimming his or her nails can be difficult if you’ve not used to it, but you can take your pet to the vet to have them done.

When to Trim Nails

Ideally, your dog’s nails should be trimmed before they grow long enough to touch the floor when he or she walks. If allowed to grow too long, they can get snagged in carpet loops and tear off, which is very painful. If your dog’s nails are dark or you’ve never trimmed them yourself, you should take your dog to a clinic specializing in animal health care in Timonium, MD.

If a dog’s nails are not kept short, they will begin to grow under the toe, making it uncomfortable for your pet to walk. Your dog will compensate by walking on his or her paw pads, which can be bad for his or her joints. If you hear nails clicking against the floor when he or she walks, it is time to take your dog to the animal health care clinic to have them trimmed. Click here for more information.

Avoid the Quick

If you decide to try and clip your dog’s nails yourself, you need to avoid accidentally clipping the quick. The quick is the blood supply of the nail and is located a short distance from the tip of it. An animal health care clinic will often put dogs under anesthesia to trim their nails if they show reluctance in having it done.

Properly grooming your pet, including trimming his or her nails, will ensure that he or she is happy and healthy throughout his or her life.

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