Electricians in Louisville KY Can Spot These Problems

Electricians in Louisville KY Can Spot These Problems

A home is the biggest investment most people will make, and buyers should know just what they’re getting into. There are many factors worthy of consideration when buying a home, but electrical wiring should be at the top of the list. According to the ESF (Electrical Safety Foundation), electrical failures cause almost 54,000 fires and $1.4 billion in damage per year. Home buyers should have the structure inspected by an electrician before closing, and they should Visit the Site and be on the lookout for the signs listed here.

Damaged Wiring

This sign is fairly easy to notice. If the homeowner sees cracked or frayed wiring, it should be replaced by an electrician. Failure to do so can cause sparking, shock and electrical shorts. During the inspection, Electricians in Louisville KY will look for wiring that’s been pinched during construction, among other factors.

Damaged Switches and Outlets

If the owner sees burned cover plates, it’s likely due to bad wiring that may be localized or pervasive throughout the home. The covers should be replaced, but not before the wiring is inspected and repaired if necessary. When plugs and switches are used and popping or buzzing results, the buyer should turn it all off and cut the main power supply before calling an electrician.

Tripped Breakers

If the breakers are always tripping, the issue can be serious. Breakers are designed to trip when circuits are overloaded, and the mechanism prevents an electrical fire. If the breakers in a home trip frequently, there’s a problem in the wiring or the home’s circuits. Either way, the problem should be addressed immediately.

Flickering/Dimming Lights

If using the microwave or vacuum causes the house lights to dim or flicker, there may be a circuit overload. The current should not struggle when multiple appliances are used. Start by checking the circuit breakers for each section, and call an electrician if necessary.

Rodent Infestation

This sign is often overlooked, but it’s important. Many homes have been damaged because rats or mice chewed through the electrical wiring. If there are rodent droppings in the attic, there may be wiring damage as well. First, call an exterminator-;and then call Electricians in Louisville KY.

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