Frequently Asked Questions About Cat And Dog Pet Surgery In Fort Wayne Indiana

Sometimes it’s necessary for veterinarians to perform surgical procedures on animals due to illness or injury. If your veterinarian recommends Pet Surgery in Fort Wayne Indiana for your pet, you may be anxious about the upcoming procedure. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn about surgical procedures for cats and dogs.

Q.) Is it safe for cats and dogs to have anesthesia when they’re scheduled for surgery?

A.) Veterinarians are trained to administer anesthesia to cats and dogs for surgical procedures. These qualified professionals make sure that pets are safe before, during and after the surgery. Before the surgery, a vet ensures that the pets are healthy enough for the surgery by performing several tests. These tests evaluate the function of the kidneys and liver, while additional testing checks for bleeding or clotting issues. During the procedure, the veterinarian and staff continuously monitor the vital signs of the pet to ensure the safety of the animal. After the surgery is finished, the staff continues to monitor the vital signs of the animals until it’s safe to release them into their owner’s care.

Q.) What are some common surgeries that veterinarians often perform on cats and dogs?

A.) Spay and neuter surgeries are frequently performed on both cats and dogs. Animals should have good oral health and to keep the animal’s teeth and gums healthy, a veterinarian often performs dentistry procedures. Removing tumors and growths are also routine surgeries for felines and canines.

Q.) What are some tips for pet owners after their pet has surgery?

A.) When the animals arrive home after surgery, they should be kept in a clean and quiet room. Pet owners should keep other animals in the household away from the pet that had the surgery. The pet will be groggy the rest of the day and the animal will need to rest. A veterinarian who performs Pet Surgery in Fort Wayne Indiana will give pet owners specific instructions for at home care after the surgery.

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