ARINC 664 Applications and Features

First of all, what is ARINC 664? ARINC 664 is a line of test instruments used mostly in the aviation industry. An ARINC 664 database includes a number of devices used to receive and transmit data throughout a network. ARINC 664 instruments test each application to ensure proper communication between devices. These instruments can also be used to create simulations.

The ARINC 664 instrument driver is used to provide access to virtual instruments. These instruments allow the user to prototype many ARINC 664 applications. Any compatible database setting and configurations that are already in place can be utilized through the instrument driver. You simple have to setup the instrument according to the pre-configured settings and you’re ready to go.

Instrument Features
The full line of ARINC 664 devices will seamlessly synchronize along the ARINC 664 database. The testing instruments provide data including network statistics and timestamped transmissions. They work with Ethernet links and can support both copper and fiber optic networks. The ARINC 664 is tough and made for durability, reliability and accuracy. There is no room for error in the avionics, aircraft or spacecraft industries which is where this system is most commonly found.

Configuration of any ARINC 664 product is simple. The item should come with a configuration manual and any necessary configuration tools. If you get stuck trying to setup or configure any ARINC 664 device, just contact the seller or original manufacturer for assistance. You can also find some help online through ARC 664 distributors and technicians.

Finding an ARINC 664 Instrument Driver
In most cases, you can acquire a driver from the same place you purchased your ARINC 664 database and network devices. However, if you’re searching for the first time, your best option is to buy from a certified distributor. Be sure to choose a trusted company with a great deal of experience using ARINC 664 products. A distributor is also a good place to call if you’re having problems with a configuration or if the system requires a repair. They can guide you to a qualified service technician to help with your needs.

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