Using Tree Service in Norwich CT To Move A Tree

When someone has a tree in their yard that they would like to have transplanted to a new home, calling for Tree Service in Norwich CT is recommended. The tree service will know how to move the tree gently, so it is at less risk of injury while in transit.

Moving a tree should not be done during warm weather. It is best to wait until wintertime as this is when a tree is dormant. Moving it during warm weather has a good chance in ending with the tree going into shock and dying as a result. A good tree service will advise people to wait until after the first frost to move a tree.
The tree service will go to the home and dig the tree on a day when the weather is above freezing. They may need to use an ax to cut the roots in some portions. They will do their best however, to keep the root ball intact as much as they possibly can.

The homeowner will be responsible for digging a hole in the new location for the tree to be placed inside. It should be filled with water the day before the move, so the ground is moist enough for the roots to get water as soon as the tree is placed in its new home. The homeowner should make sure the new location is away from power lines and other trees.

On the day of the move, the tree service will wrap the roots with a piece of wet burlap. This will help to keep them hydrated as the tree is moved to the new home. The tree will be strapped on top of a truck and will be driven to the new home. It will be placed in the hole of water, and the soil will be put back around the circumference so the tree can start adapting to its new habitat.

This site will offer information about moving a tree, and an appointment can be made to have an evaluation.

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