Going To A Veterinary Hospital in Odenton After A Cat Gets Hit By A Vehicle

Going To A Veterinary Hospital in Odenton After A Cat Gets Hit By A Vehicle

If an incident occurs where a vehicle hits a pet cat, the cat’s owner will want to get medical assistance immediately. There are several steps to take so the feline is not at risk for further injuries when going to a veterinary hospital in Odenton. Here are some points to keep in mind when getting a cat to a medical facility for an evaluation.

Gently Remove The Cat From The Accident Location

When moving a cat that was hit by a vehicle, it is important to do so gently. If possible, enlist help from another person to remove the animal from the road with the least amount of movement possible. Place the cat on a sturdy surface, such as a thick piece of wood or the lid to a plastic storage container. Cover the surface with a soft blanket or piece of carpet. This will cushion the cat, so it is comfortable.

Call A Veterinarian To Alert Them Of The Accident

It is wise to give a call to the facility where the cat will be taken before bringing the animal in for an assessment. That way, the staff members know to prepare for the prompt actions necessary to tend to the cat upon its arrival. Speaking to a veterinarian before the trip will also shed some light on how to care for the cat appropriately. A veterinarian will inquire about the symptoms the cat is displaying and use this information to give the owner specific instructions for providing medical assistance steps if needed.

Skip The Cat Carrier For The Ride To The Facility

Instead of trying to place an injured cat in a cat carrier for the ride to a veterinarian, it is a better idea to transport it on the seat or the floor of a vehicle. That way, the cat’s skin will not stretch and bones are not moved around as they might be when placing the cat in a restricted space. Bring along a helper to watch over the cat, so it does not attempt to move around while being transported.

When there is a need to go to a veterinary hospital in Odenton after a cat is struck by a vehicle, finding one that will see the pet immediately is necessary. Take a look at GambrillsVeterinaryCenter.com to get contact information if needed.

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