First-Time DUI Offenders Need a Criminal Lawyer in Junction City KS

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The state of Kansas takes DUIs very seriously and has instituted severe penalties for people who are convicted of driving under the influence. Even first-time offenders can lose their licenses for 30 days, be hit with an up to $1,000 fine, and sentenced to jail. Additionally, there may be social consequences related to being convicted of a DUI such as job loss. This is why it’s important for first-time offenders to hire attorneys from Criminal Lawyer in Junction City KS law offices and explore ways to get the charges reduced or dropped.

The Kansas DUI Diversion Program

One way to avoid a DUI conviction is to participate in the Kansas DUI diversion program. This program requires defendants to plead guilty to the charges, submit to one year of monitoring and treatment, and pay any outstanding fines or fees. Upon successful completion of the terms and conditions of the program, however, the DUI cases are dismissed, and defendants walk away with clean records.

Unfortunately, not all first-time offenders qualify for this program. If the defendant injured someone in an accident, had an extremely high blood-alcohol level, or possessed a commercial driver’s license, then the person would not be eligible to enter the Kansas DUI diversion program. Additionally, failure to complete the program would result in the prosecution moving forward with the original case.

Fighting the Charge

If the defendant doesn’t qualify for the diversion program, then the other option is to look for weak points in the prosecution’s case. For instance, the attorney can attack the accuracy of the breathalyzer test, which may result in that piece of evidence being thrown out.

Another tactic is to get the case thrown out based on procedural mistakes. For instance, if the police officer failed to read the person his or her Mirada rights when the individual was arrested, the attorney may be able to get the charges dropped based on the violation of the defendant’s civil rights.

Avoiding being convicted of a DUI can be challenging, which is why first-time offenders should consult with an attorney from a Criminal Lawyer Junction City KS law office to develop the best defense strategy possible. For more information about DUI defenses or to hire a lawyer, visit website of Oleen Law Firm in Junction City KS.

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