Renting the Right Dumpster in CT for a Total Roof Replacement

After taking a look at the roof, the contractor has some bad news for the homeowner. The current roof has to go. In addition, there is another layer of roofing under the top layer. That means everything has to be ripped away before the new roof can be installed. Since that will mean quite a mess to clean up, the homeowner would do well to rent a Dumpster CT prior to the beginning of the replacement project. Here are some tips to ensure the right type of dumpster is secured.

The Design of the Dumpster

It is possible to rent more than one type of Dumpster CT for the job. One of the best solutions is to go with design that is mounted on rollers. The idea here is that the unit can be moved along the roof line as needed. By making sure the design also includes an open top, it will be easy enough for the roofing team to toss old roofing materials directly into the container as they work. That means nothing has to end up on the lawn. In terms of minimizing cleanup at the end of the day, this arrangement is hard to beat.

What About the New Installation?

The value of a dumpster with an open top and mounted on rollers does not end when all the old roofing materials are gone. That same unit can also be kept near the edge of the roof and allow the professionals to quickly get rid of any shavings from shingles or sections that are cut away when fitting a piece of flashing into a valley. That will also help keep things neat and tidy at ground level and ensure there is not a lot of cleanup to do at the end of the day.

Remember that the right rental plan will involve arranging for the delivery and pickup of the unit. Take a moment to Browse Site and look at the recommendations for structuring the rental to include all features and services that would help with the project. It will not take long to have everything in order and know that the dumpster will make life a lot easier for the roofing team and for the homeowner.

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