Property Management Companies Helping with Pest and Pet Control

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a property manager is that they can market your property correctly and find you a good tenant by setting the correct rental price. If overpriced, even the best properties will take ages to get occupied in the market, if they do at all. Property management companies in St George know this and always analyze the market first to ensure your property is priced according to the current market conditions. Some management companies even do a comparative market analysis to decide on a rental price that is both economical and profitable.

An important point to remember is that St George property management companies don’t just help you find a tenant but these companies also set rules and devise policies to ensure you don’t lose your return on investment. Two of the most important policies are related to pet control and pest control.

Pest Control
Property management companies have contacts and resources to help owners eliminate any pest-related issue. Owners are obligated to ensure that their property is relatively free of pests before they offer it for occupancy. If a tenant has already moved into the property and found issues related to pests it is the owner’s responsibility to rectify the issue within the first 30 days of occupancy. Again, a property management company can help owners with pest treatments.

It is equally important for the owner to take steps to ensure the property is in a reasonable rodent-proof condition. They need to rectify any condition that may allow birds, squirrels etc., to enter the home in the future. The property owners need to take infestations of squirrels, vermin, mice and poisonous insects very seriously, as it is damaging for the property and is risky for tenants. Remember, a property manager can definitely help in this situation but these infestations can be treated at the owner’s expense only. Still, a property management company can help you with the inspections, identify problem areas, and also recommend someone to help fix the situation.

Pet Control
Letting tenants with pets enter your property is a big decision; however, a property manager can design policies so that you don’t have much to worry about. Most tenants in St George require written permission from property management companies to keep pets. These companies also establish what comes into the category of pets and what should be excluded. A company usually gives written authorization for keeping birds as well as fish in large aquariums. It may also design a policy regarding the size, number, and type of pets a tenant can keep.

Since more than 85% of renters now have pets, it makes sense that owners allow pets. Instead of refusing tenants with pets, you can consider asking for a refundable pet deposit of up to $500. It is important to thoroughly explain your reservations to your property management company, so it may design its policies accordingly.

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