The Inside Scoop on Stone Crab in Carlsbad, CA

The Inside Scoop on Stone Crab in Carlsbad, CA

When it comes to seafood, people normally love it or hate it, and, if you love it, you’re usually open to trying new things and even seeking them out. There are some fish and creatures of the sea that have become the norm of seafood dishes, while others are more exotic or experimental. The stone crab is a very popular choice among seafood lovers, and you can typically find it at many restaurants that offer seafood, and you can even sometimes find it fresh in stores to cook at home.

What You Didn’t Know About Stone Crabs

Stone crabs are very popular, but many people don’t know much about their story. If you’re eating stone crab in Carlsbad, CA, it probably came from Florida waters, as almost 100% of stone crabs found on plates do. There are some interesting things about the stone crab itself, however, that might intrigue you next time you eat a dish with one; for example, these crabs can actually regenerate their claws, which actually make up the majority of its weight. If you’ve been craving some meaty stone crab claws, check out Pelly’s Fish Market & Café.

About the Dish

Most seafood dishes are very nutritional, but stone crabs are some of the best of the bunch. They are rich in protein, magnesium, and selenium, and they are free of methylmercury and other ocean toxins that other sea creatures might be tainted with. You can get this dish fresh during the season, which lasts from October 15th until May 15th. The season timing make stone crabs a great addition to holiday meals during the wintertime. In general, stone crabs are sweet and dense, and they are often paired with sauces, such as melted butter or lime juice.

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