Different Medical Weight Loss Programs in Manhattan beach

Different Medical Weight Loss Programs in Manhattan beach

For many, sticking to a proper diet and some exercise will have them maintain a healthy diet. For others, there is need for major medical intervention through surgery or medication. Regardless of whatever body type one has, it is important to realize that even though surgeries and diet pills have the appeal of providing excellent results for very little, most of the time, there is need for lifestyle changes to have these extra medical interventions working properly.

Many weight loss programs seem promising but end up disappointing in the long run. Sometimes, the initial benefits of the program might reverse, and the weight might come back later on. There are numerous drug trials that do not last long enough in the market for their effectiveness to be measured. Then there are the numerous alternative and herbal options. Any individual looking for a weight loss program in Manhattan Beach might end up frustrated at the number of choices. Here are some of the more popular treatments that have made headlines in the past few years.


Originally approved by the FDA in 1999, a lower dose of the drug was later approved with the over the counter name Alli to treat obesity. It is normally prescribed to be taken twice a day with meals that contain fats. It is targeted at considerably overweight people, and works by reducing the amounts of fat that the small intestine can be able to absorb. It, however, can have undesirable side effects especially when not used correctly.


Although it has been in decline in the past few years, liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that helps individuals tone their bodies as they would like. Although it does not lead to significant changes, it still remains one of the more popular medical interventions.


Also going by the brand name Adipex, this drug has been around for quite some time. It acts as a weight control aid, and works in conjunction with a regular exercise regime and healthy diet. It is effective, and reportedly results in the patient losing between 3 to 5 pounds more using the medication than without. It works with the central nervous system and the chemical center of the brain so people are able to better manage their appetites. It is however only approved for short term use and prescribed by physicians for suitable candidates.

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