Beer Trends Driving the Industry

Beer Trends Driving the Industry

The beer industry continues to change, and it is going to impact what both the customer and the brewer do going forward. Americans are even more interested in creative and innovative beer brands that before, and this is a plus, especially for the craft brewery industry. As one might imagine, a good beer can filler is very important to a craft brewery.

What’s in the can?

The brewer might be constantly thinking about what beer can filler will keep up their rates of production, but on the customer end, one of the biggest concerns is the content of the beer. Gluten free beer has especially been popular the past few years. The impact of this trend will especially be felt considering the beer industry is one of the friendliest to gluten. Gluten free beers are no longer considered the less desirable substitutes. They are of as much quality and complexity as any other.

The craft brewery industry

There is no denying the growth or place of craft brewing in the industry, and the need for quality beer can filler. The number of craft breweries has pushed the brewery numbers over the past record that was held more than a century ago in 1873. Back then, they didn’t have need for a beer can filler, because beer was not canned. That has changed! The growth of the craft industry is exciting for the industry, with consumers once more loving and appreciating the craftsmanship of beer making, especially when it measures up or relates to their heritage. Craft beers are now part of menus in restaurants from all food establishments, from the fast casual to fine dining. However, the craft beer industry needs to be wary that their growth has now put them in the big beer crosshairs. They are now being recognized as real and true competition and no longer being left to be independent and unique. The recent wave of acquisitions has more than proven this.


One of the effects of the craft brewery craze is that people are now being exposed to non-traditional flavors. Flavors like apple, ales, ciders, and the hard sodas and sweet beers will be dominant. There is even an indication that home DIY brewing is picking up steam, with home brewing kit sales now rising. Soon, we may see these home brewers opening breweries, and needing their own beer can filler.

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