Customs to Keep in Mind for a Military Wedding

Customs to Keep in Mind for a Military Wedding

There are many types of weddings you could opt for, and military weddings are just one of many ceremonies with their own codes and traditions to follow. If you are thinking about having one of these weddings, then you’ll need to brush up on a few things to make sure you’re doing it right. Read on for some great advice.

Check Your Seating Arrangements
Military weddings require some very specific rules when it comes to seating your guests. You’ll need to save seats of honor for all high-ranking officials, not just at the ceremony, but at the reception as well. You’ll also need to reserve a special space for the bride or groom’s commanding officer. All military guests’ seats should be arranged according to rank, too.

Consider Your Venue
Though you do have the freedom of choosing any location you want, you should probably consider holding the ceremony at a military chapel or academy grounds instead. Though most military chapels won’t charge you for using it as your wedding location, it would be best to donate a small fee to the chapel fund out of respect, according to The Knot. Just make sure that you save the date at least a year in advance, since these tend to be fully booked just like most other venues, too.

Wear the Right Attire
If the bride or groom is part of the service, then it is usually expected that they will wear their military dress uniform during the wedding. The groom can choose to wear a cutlass or saber, always paired with white gloves. However, the bride has an option to wear a traditional wedding gown instead. Luckily, she can still hold a bridal bouquet in both cases, should she choose to do so.

Don’t forget these customs and your wedding should go smoothly. We wish you the best of luck!

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