Signs it is Time for New Gutters in Tacoma WA

The gutters are an important part of any home. They help to direct the water away from the exterior walls, doors, windows, and foundation of a home, which prevents water from making its way inside. While cleaning the gutters in Tacoma, WA a few times a year can help to enhance their longevity, the majority of gutters will have to be repaired or replaced at some point in time. Knowing the warning signs that this time is getting close can help ensure a homeowner continues to protect their property from serious water damage.

Splits or Cracks in the Gutters

Even though small cracks in the gutters in Tacoma, WA may not seem like a huge cause for concern, a small crack is going to eventually turn into a bigger one. If the cracks are left untreated, water is going to further damage the gutters as well as the fascia boards present behind the gutters, the shingles over the gutters, and even the foundation below the gutters.

Flecks of Orange or Peeling Paint

The paint on the gutters is designed to stand up to typical wear and tear season after season. However, if the gutters are extremely old, a homeowner may begin to notice orange flecks or peeling paint. This is the first indication that water is present all the time. It may also be a sign that the water is not being removed by the gutter or that some type of damage is present.

Mildew or Pools of Water around the Home

Gutters are specifically designed to keep water flowing away from the foundation of the home. If there is mildew or pooled water close to the foundation, it may indicate the gutters are not working properly. This may be the result of something as simple as a clog or something more complex, such as a defect in the actual gutter system.

When it comes to gutters, inspecting and maintaining them on a regular basis is a must. Taking the time to watch for signs of a problem can also let a homeowner know when it is time to replace them.

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