Contact Family Lawyers in Bethlehem, PA for Help with a Complicated Divorce

Determining a marriage has come to an end can be very stressful. Whether the marriage dissolved due to infidelity, communication problems, finances, substance abuse, or domestic violence, each spouse has rights when it comes to divorce. In most cases, both spouses feel they were treated unfairly during the marriage, and that is why they want to end it. When it comes to dividing assets, there are guidelines in place to protect each spouse and ensure victims of abuse are not intimidated or coerced into giving up their rights to property acquired during the marriage. Family lawyers in Bethlehem, PA may explain these rights to their clients and provide the help they need to get what they are entitled to.

Divorcing spouses often disagree on which parent the children will live with and how much the other parent will pay to support them. Courts tend to prefer that parents work this factor out on their own, and family lawyers in Bethlehem, PA might help their clients create a reasonable parenting plan for their children. However, if the spouses are still unable to agree, the court may have to bring in professionals to assess each home and the parenting capacities of each spouse to determine the most suitable arrangement for the children. Since the parents have little control once these people are involved, it’s almost always better to exhaust every resource before giving up.

Occasionally, a relationship is so stressful that spouses cannot sit in the same room together to work out a plan to divide their assets and make long-term arrangements for their minor children. If this is the case with you, contact us. A skilled attorney may advocate on behalf of their client. Instead of having both parties together in a room, the attorneys for each spouse may negotiate for their clients. This strategy will keep an abused spouse safe while still having the opportunity to get their portion of the marital assets. Tactics like this are often necessary when one spouse has an order of protection after domestic violence and doesn’t feel comfortable being in the same location as their spouse.

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