Hire an Accident Injury Law Attorney in Saint Paul After a Workplace Accident

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Of all injury cases filed each year, work accidents compose a substantial percentage. A “workplace accident” typically refers to an injury caused by a single event. Therefore, issues such as musculoskeletal disorders and repetitive stress injuries are often regarded as chronic conditions rather than accidents. As such, these are processed differently in terms of worker’s compensation and disability claims. The most common workplace accidents handled by Rutzick Law Offices include:

  • Slip-and-fall
  • Accidents involving heavy lifting
  • Accidents involving power tools
  • Burns, electrocution and similar injuries
  • Chemical exposure and injuries from toxic spills
  • Industry-specific accidents, such as painting and welding injuries

In this article, readers can learn more about workplace accidents, and they can learn how an Accident Injury Law Attorney Saint Paul can help them get the right remedy.

Legal Remedies for Workplace Accidents

A person injured in a workplace accident may be eligible for compensation from various means. A victim in this situation usually needs to prove that his or her injuries:

  • Were work-related
  • Happened on the job and during work hours
  • Were not caused by personal negligence

Workplace accidents are remedied via various means such as worker’s compensation plans, claims under private insurance and civil litigation. Additionally, some employers have specific programs for workplace injuries. A victim may need to check with his or her supervisor or the company’s HR (human resources) department for details. If the above methods are not enough to cover workplace injuries, one may need to file a lawsuit.

Does a Person Filing a Workplace Accident Claim Need an Attorney?

Workplace accidents often involve a vast range of legal issues and injuries. One may need to hire a local personal injury attorney if they believe that a legal claim exists. The Accident Injury Law Attorney Saint Paul can help the client review their injury case, and they can help when it is time to file a lawsuit. If a legal dispute arises, the lawyer can represent the client during meetings and hearings in court. By hiring legal representation and not handling the case alone, a client has a greater chance of achieving a favorable outcome. Visit website for more details.

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