Choosing the Right Auger Conveyor for Heated Applications

Choosing the Right Auger Conveyor for Heated Applications

When you need to move a lot of raw materials from one area to another, you need a good conveyor system. However, some systems are more efficient than others, depending on your business. For example, a standard belt conveyor may work fine, but in many cases, these systems are not effective, especially when you have large ovens and heated processes. A screw or auger conveyor is the best choice, but you have several things to consider when choosing the right equipment.

Metal Choices

It’s important to choose the right metal construction for your new screw conveyor system. For example, your options include stainless steel, carbon steel, and Hastelloy. Let’s look closer at each option:

Carbon Steel

Depending on the carbon steel grade you select, an auger conveyor can withstand between 700 and 1000 degrees Fahrenheit (370-537 Celsius).

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel withstands more heat than standard carbon steel. For example, types 304 and 316 can handle up to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit (815 Celsius). However, type 310 can withstand temperatures as high as 2000 degrees Fahrenheit (1093 Celsius).


Hastelloy is a super alloy developed by Haynes International. Hastelloy uses a steel-nickel alloy with many other metals. This super alloy offers exceptional heat and corrosion resistance. It also resists cracking and excessive wear. Some Hastelloy products contain titanium, tungsten, aluminum, copper and cobalt, which makes them perfect for high heat applications like nuclear energy plants.

Additional Considerations

  • Power systems – high-temperature seals and lubricants are essential.
  • Thermal expansion – your auger conveyor must allow for expansion and contraction.
  • Insulation – OSHA may ask for specific insulation to protect workers.
  • Safety – with high heat applications, you need guards in place. Check with CEMA for all the requirements. CEMA is the Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association.
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