Can Your Business Benefit From a New POS Suite?

Can Your Business Benefit From a New POS Suite?

If you own a garage or lube, then you are going to need a way for your employees to enter their work into the system and bill customers. Sure, you could use a simple general use POS, a point of sales system, to take care of your bookkeeping, but they are not going to help you as much as an auto POS software suite. These offer a number of benefits specifically for mechanics.

Inventory Management

One of the biggest advantages of a purpose built software suite is that it can have an inventory management application built in if you opt for it. This will allow your employees to enter or scan parts as they use them, making it easier to track your inventory. This will not only let you know when it is time to reorder but give you a very detailed report of where each part is going. You can always look back and see if your inventory is short or if it was just entered incorrectly.

Automatic Marketing

Many of the top software suites now offer automated marketing. With this, the software will simply send out marketing emails and other small ads to attract customers. Depending on the software you can even have it setup to send a notification to a printing company to send out regular advertisements and reminders such as service reminders to your customers. If you choose to use this feature, then you can essentially put your service reminders on autopilot as the software keeps track of when it is time to send them out and notifies the printing company who can then ship the reminder straight to the customer.

If you own a garage or lube shop, then you can definitely benefit from using a purpose-built auto POS software suite rather than a general use POS system. The mechanic specific benefits far outweigh the additional cost.

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