The Importance Of Quality Of Product From Fiber Optic Cable Suppliers

The Importance Of Quality Of Product From Fiber Optic Cable Suppliers

In all countries around the world, fiber optic cable is becoming the cable of choice for telecommunications, internet, and digital audio connections. This includes for residential homes and properties as well as for commercial and industrial facilities. This has led to an increasing demand for fiber optic cable suppliers for small to large telecommunication installation projects.

There are, of course, different types and options in fiber optic cable. Working with top fiber optic cable suppliers can be very helpful for any telecommunication installation company in finding the ideal cable type and jacket material for any type of installation requirements.

The Basics of Fiber Optic Cable

The primary benefit of fiber optic cable is its ability to carry pulses of light through extremely fine threads made of glass or plastic. The fine threads are very flexible and can bend and flex within specific parameters.

Around each of these glass threads is a coating of plastic. The plastic is a polymer, or sometimes a polyimide, which not only protects the glass threads but also preserves the optical properties of the fibers. It allows for the pulses of light to travel long distances without any change or loss, which is very different than the loss issues found with traditional types of wire cables. In some types of cable, the glass threads and the protective polymers may be separated from each other to avoid transmission of the light energy between the threads.

The outside of the cable is then wrapped with a resin layer or as specialize jacket or tubing material. This is the layer that protects the bundle and also allows the cable to be used in a variety of environments from wet areas to rocky soil, clay or sand.

In choosing the best cable, fiber optic cable suppliers will need to understand the basics of the project. They can then make recommendations as to cable choices that are best suited for the environment and the distance.

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