Vacuum Truck Services Indispensable To Oil Recovery In Oklahoma

Despite the dramatic impact in the news of an at-sea oil spill caused by a tanker accident or an offshore drilling rig explosion and fire, the fact is that most oil spills occur on land. Consider the many thousands of miles of pipeline spanning the continental United States and one can easily understand leaks or pipeline breaks occurring at nearly any location where the pipeline runs. Consider the sheer number of tanker trucks and tanker cars on rail which transport millions of gallons of oil cross-country every year and it’s easy to see how an accident and spill are inevitable just on probability. And then there’s the number of oil storage facilities from which leaks, breaks and fires can result in a major spillage. Against all that, a spill on water is a comparatively rare event. Oil control problems are far more likely on land than anywhere else.

The reason for the existence of Vacuum Truck Services in Oklahom is to deal with this eventuality. Oil spills on land not only involve a loss of revenue from oil production and transportation operations but environmental and legal consequences due to the resulting damage. A spill occurring on land occurs in a far more stable environment than at sea. But the complications can be every bit as tricky depending upon the terrain at the spill site: type of ground and inclination, whether there are nearby bodies of water, and the weather conditions. Cleaning up oil from a site covered in asphalt is easier than, say, farmland. But the technology of the vacuum pumps has been refined over the years to deal with the varying conditions a remediation crew is likely to encounter.

The type of vacuum trucks employed by cleanup services are customized to deal with the particular location and climatic conditions through the year. Adapted originally from the equipment used for sewer and septic tank cleanup, oil spill recovery trucks use hydraulic pump motors to handle the heavy work in sucking up the spill. With the use of chemical agents which can loosen spilled oil from the ground, a cleanup can be performed relatively quickly. Afterward, other equipment is brought in to remove the remaining traces of oil from the spill site, after which crews finish up on the final restoration of the area. For more information on Vacuum Truck Services in Oklahoma, visit the website linked here.

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