Causes of Accidents That Can Lead a Person to a Truck Accident Lawyer in Mobile, AL

Truck accidents seem to be increasing in frequency over the last 20 years, but why is that? At any given time, a person could end up being involved in a truck accident and needing the help of a truck accident lawyer in Mobile, AL to straighten matters out. Accident lawyers help after the fact, but what can people do to avoid being in truck accidents? Well, it helps to know the top causes of truck accidents so drivers can then pay more attention to contributing factors while they are around trucks.

Truck Driver Mistakes

When it comes to accidents involving trucks, mistakes made by truck drivers are most often to blame. Sometimes they put in long hours hauling cargo from state to state and may become extremely fatigued as a result. Instead of resting, some truckers choose to battle through fatigue, which can lead to them falling asleep at the wheel. There are also times when truck drivers just aren’t being attentive, and even some of them have substance abuse problems that can lead to accidents. Drivers on the road should observe truck drivers near them to see if they are paying attention to their surroundings: they shouldn’t even assume that truckers see them.

Equipment Problems

AL because of an accident caused by equipment failure. Some trucks aren’t maintained correctly, and perhaps the truck was using defective tires. Some trucks aren’t maintained correctly. If a truck doesn’t have good brake maintenance, it might not be able to slow down in time to avoid a collision, and even though truckers are supposed to inspect their trucks before trips, some don’t. Ignoring rules and regulation that are meant to keep roads safe can have tragic consequences.

The Weather

Weather can also cause all kinds of problems for drivers. When it comes to braking, trucks require a lot more distance than regular cars do to come to a complete stop. Unfortunately, some truck drivers forget that they need to have more clearance to stop, and if it is raining it can lead to rear-end collisions. A victim in a rear-end collision can suffer serious neck and back injuries.

The right information can help people stay safe on the road, and when it comes to that, people shouldn’t assume that all truckers are doing their part as far as road safety is concerned.

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